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Setting Up a Custom Domain for Minecraft Servers
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\\ Things you need
A Domain with full access to its DNS settings A Minecraft server
\\ Custom Domain with Cloudflare
In this tutorial we are going to be using Cloudflare to manage our domain, however this will work with all domain hosts. Add a DNS Record with the type SRV. For the Name field type the name you want people to connect with. For example, for the URL mc.404inc.org I would set the name to mc. If I wanted 404inc.org to lead to my server instead of mc.404inc.org, I would type @ instead of mc in the Name field. This is how Cloudflare works. We cannot confirm this is how other Domain Hosts work. For the service field set it to _minecraft. When the Minecraft client does a DNS lookup for our URL it will find this DNS record and because the record has this service Minecraft knows to use the port we are telling it. For the TTL, set as Auto. The Priority and Weight settings we'll leave as 0, but depending on your setup you might want something else. Now this is where the details are important, set the Port to the port that your server listens on. In our case it's 25565. However for your server hosted through us it will be different. If you are hosting with us you can find your Port in the panel. image from panel showing the url and the port This last entry, Target is where we set the IP or Domain of the server. In this case we will use ord.404inc.org. If you are hosting with us you can find your servers Domain in your panel next to your Port. Repeat this process again and change the Protocol to TCP and UDP each time. Here is what our setting look like. image from cloudflare showing all our settings for tcp image from cloudflare showing all our settings for udp Now when we want to connect just type in mc.404inc.org to Minecraft.