404 INC
Frequently Asked Questions
\\ Where is my server hosted?
Currently we have two locations: Chicago, US and Bournemouth, UK.
\\ Is my server running on bare-metal hardware?
Short Answer: Yes. To elaborate, we deploy servers using Docker. This has the advantage of each server being sandboxed, although its not running in its own OS. This means that there is less overhead than if it was running inside a Virtual Machine, resulting in better preformance. The only downside of this method is limited game support as the games server needs to be compatible with the Host OS.
\\ What is a Thread?
In a CPU each core can do one task at a time. In order to increase effeciency, CPU designers have found ways of making one CPU core act as two or more cores. This increases CPU power with no downsides. This technology is used by almost all hosting providers. In our case, each physical core acts as two threads. When you buy one of those threads from us, you get one thread.
\\ How many Threads do I need?
For Minecraft we recomend at least two Threads when using a 3rd party server jar like Paper. This is because Paper is able to take advantage of multiple threads where the Vanilla jar released by Mojang cannot.
\\ How much RAM do I need?
For Minecraft, The amount of RAM neede by your server depends on how many active players you have online at once, how far apart they are, and how you have your view-distance set in the server.properties file. For most people, who just play with their friends, 3-4 GiB of RAM is enough. For larger, more active players, you should have at least 6 GiB of ram.
\\ How much storage do I need?
For Minecraft servers, The amount of storage you need depends on what kind of playstyle and world you have. If you tend to adventure out very far or have a large player base. You'll need more storage for your world. In fact, our 404 Earth server world takes up more than 50GiB of space! That is because the world is very large and pre-generated.
\\ Whats with this "GiB"?
When you are talking about digital data. There any many units that it is measured in. One of those is GiB, which stands for Gibibyte. Since most people are familiar with the term "Gigabyte" we use that in our marketing, but we actually sell Gibibytes, which are larger than Gigabytes. 1 GiB (Gibibyte) = 1024 MiB (Mebibyte) whereas 1 GB (Gigabtye) = 1000 MB (Megabyte)
\\ What Minecraft Server JAR should I use?
For the most preformance we recomend Tuinity, but as of writing, it's not updated to 1.17 yet. So for 1.17 we recomend Paper. We recomend you never use the Vanilla JAR. That's because the Vanilla jar can't take advantage of multi-thread technology for world loading and generation. The Vanilla JAR also can't run plugins whereas both Tuinity and Paper can run Bukkit and Spigot plugins.
\\ How do I get a Custom Domain?
While we don't provide custom subdomains at this time. You can setup your own domain with an SRV record to point to our servers. So instead of your IP looking like ord.404inc.org:60000 it will look like mydomain.com. Follow our guide to learn how.
\\ How do I setup Scheduled Backups
To learn how to setup your scheduled backups. Refer to our guide.